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What will be the big moves in the labeling and packaging industry in 2019?

The next 12-18 months will be an important period for the label industry. Many technology and enterprise developments seem to further promote the development of the industry, and major industry changes are also expected. Such as the strengthening of the degree of automation, the introduction of artificial intelligence, etc., will more effectively promote the development of the label printing industry, greatly improve production efficiency.

The printing industry in 2018, especially non-dry label printing, has undergone transformation, upgrading and change. It can be said that there are opportunities and challenges. So in the coming 2019, what kind of development will the label-related printing industry usher in? These bosses may bring you new ideas......

Nick tucci, vice president and general manager of Avery Dennison North America

We predict that 2018 will be an important year for smart labels and sustainable development, and this prediction is undoubtedly correct. Smart tags, especially RFID technology, are being applied to other areas from successful use cases in the clothing and footwear industry. Combining these business cases with some of the breakthrough innovations we will be doing in 2019, we believe that 2019 will be another growth year for smart labels and smart packaging. The top priority for companies in 2019 is to focus on waste throughout the value chain to ensure more products with recycled content. Not only do the company's products themselves support or do not hinder recycling, we are also vigorously promoting cooperation across the value chain to reduce label waste. After this period of hard work, we are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we have a bigger, longer-term present, some of which we will achieve in 2019. Overall, we believe 2019 will be a year of significant change for our industry and the broader ecosystem. We are ready for change and look forward to building the future with our customers, partners and suppliers.

Director of Strategic Product Marketing, Boster Volume: Federico D'Annunzio.

Maintaining the level of perceived quality strongly affects consumer buying behavior and is critical to brand owners, so it is necessary to ensure that the color and quality of the printed matter are consistent, and that the reproduction work 100% meets the customer's product quality requirements. This goal can be achieved through the digital control of the workflow, which not only improves the repeatability and consistency of the process, but also can be independent of human factors. This means that the influence of the printing process is reduced compared to the digitization of the printed output, thus ensuring complete control of all variables. This will lead to the development of standardization of printing systems, such as standard color separation systems that expand color gamut, share color space and print results.

    Creation Reprographics总经理:Matt francklow

Sustainable packaging is more than just the production of renewable, recyclable or environmentally friendly materials. It covers the entire design and production process. We expect that awareness of this issue among consumers, brand owners and suppliers will continue to increase beyond 2019 as the industry begins to look at the packaging supply chain from a holistic, sustainable perspective. In addition to the ongoing focus on sustainability, brands will be looking for more exciting and interactive labels to help their products stand out in an increasingly competitive retail market. For example, by increasing the design attributes of the label, special post-press and additional functions, it provides consumers with something new and different.

Retired Managing Director of Heidelberg UK: Gerard Heanue

As I retire, my three wishes for the printing industry are: the printing industry gets the recognition it deserves, better promotes itself to the public, and both printers and suppliers invest more in young people and training.