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MA-xy corona-free treatment MAD-xy single-sided corona treatment

The company has successively introduced six two-way stretching production lines of the world's top manufacturers, DMT of France and Dornier of Germany. The whole set of equipment adopts programmed control, and the whole production process is monitored by the central control computer. According to different process parameter instructions, it can automatically adjust and produce different varieties of high-quality products, and perfect advanced equipment ensures the high quality of the products.
The main workshop of the plant adopts the 100000-grade purification hygiene standard, which meets the environmental requirements for the production of food and pharmaceutical packaging and electronic and electrical base film.
In order to improve the independent design, development and manufacturing capabilities of enterprises, Xiangyu has carried out in-depth technical cooperation with many scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and has superior conditions in the rapid application of new materials and the development of new products to meet customer needs.