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Packaging is more expensive than the product itself, there is no need for refined packaging of agricultural products?

Whether agricultural products have brands or not, good packaging is an excellent weapon to help sales. For example, the packaging of agricultural products in Japan and Taiwan has not only expanded the sales volume of agricultural products, but also created a number of brands through creative packaging, extending the popularity of agricultural products to various countries and regions.

However, to make a delicate and innovative packaging for agricultural products, not only a strong production team is needed, but also the cost of later process production is immeasurable, and even the price of agricultural product packaging is higher than the product itself. In itself, when only the production cost of agricultural products, farmers have not earned much. Now, even if the packaging cost is added, will consumers accept it even if the sales price is increased? Will the farmers' profits be lower? In this way, is it necessary for the refined packaging of agricultural products?

Seeing these packages, do you have the impulse to buy them? Whether you buy them for your own use or give them away, the packages that seem to be "high-end" and have practical value and new ideas can give people a kind of surprise.

Although in the early stage, whether it is packaging research and development or mass production, it will bring certain cost pressure to farmers or enterprises, but this kind of exquisite packaging, high-priced agricultural products do have a large market. With the improvement of people's consumption level, gradually from the pursuit of material life to the pursuit of spiritual life, the quality of the product itself is no longer the only reason for consumers to buy goods. Especially for those farmers and enterprises that have a competitive relationship in product category and quality, the exquisite packaging of agricultural products is one of the key factors to win.

The national conditions of our country and Japan are basically the same, but they are not the same, as are the mainland and Taiwan. Although there are more people and less land, our total amount is larger than theirs. Farmers who are willing to brand and package agricultural products have cultivated an area that is difficult for them to control in Japan and Taiwan. Due to the extremely limited arable land in Japan and Taiwan, in addition to managing field crops, they still have time and energy, and are willing to invest in the deep processing and derivatives of agricultural products, so that the added value of agricultural products can be maximized and the limited products can be used. Get the most profit.

However, for farmers in mainland China, it is not easy to manage hundreds of mu or even thousands of mu of crops every day to ensure the yield and quality of agricultural products, and there is no time, energy and money to spend on other things. therefore, in many cases, it is not that farmers do not want to do it, but that they do not have the conditions to do it.