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Yunnan Kunming fruit packaging design

The diversity of fruit packaging design in Kunming, Yunnan has a lot to do with the unique geographical environment of Yunnan. Yunnan is located in the mountainous plateau area, belonging to the subtropical plateau monsoon type, with remarkable three-dimensional climate characteristics, rich natural resources, fruit trees, and large temperature difference between morning and evening, fruit taste quality is remarkable. With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, China's food industry is developing rapidly, people's life philosophy and consumption patterns are undergoing major changes, and fruit packaging is becoming more and more important in people's lives. If there is fruit, there must be packaging. Yunnan has a wide variety of fruits and its fruit packaging design base will increase. Among them, the representative varieties are: yuxi Chu Orange Ice Sugar Orange Packaging Design, Kunming Chenggong Baozhu Pear Packaging Design, Qujing Zhaotong Apple Packaging Design, Mosha Mango Packaging Design, Dali Binchuan Candied Fruit Packaging Design, Dali Eryuan Plum Packaging Design, Honghe Jianshui Acid Pomegranate Packaging Design, Honghe Mengzi Sweet Pomegranate Packaging Design, Chuxiong Yuanmou Acid Horn Packaging Design, Honghe Pingbian Litchi Packaging Design, Lijiang Snow Peach Packaging Design, Yunnan Red Sheep Packaging Design waxberry packaging design.

Yunnan Kunming Fruit Packaging Design-Golden String Design Case

As we all know, the product packaging acts as the coat of a product, when designing a fruit packaging should pay more attention to its beautiful effect or let people remember it at a glance? Fruit packaging design as a brand concept, product characteristics, a comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology, it directly affects consumers' desire to buy. Good product packaging design not only needs to solve the problem of "how to be remembered and why to buy you" externally, but also needs to solve the problem of "good consumer experience" internally, so as to achieve "internal and external repair", how can we do it without paying attention to design? How to achieve the purpose of promotion through a simple packaging design?

Yunnan Kunming Fruit Packaging Design-Golden String Design Case

Professional fruit packaging design golden string designers will give you a detailed analysis: one of the biggest problems in fruit packaging design: consumers can't remember. In the memory of consumers, the fruit packaging is basically a green color, which is basically the same, and is "merged with similar items" in the mental memory of consumers ". Packaging is an effective means for brands to separate competitors. It represents the "unique identification" of a brand. Once the "visual memory" of consumers cannot be stimulated, it is very difficult to form a brand. Packaging is advertising, first of all to solve the "memory problem", the best solution is to create a "visual symbol". Where do visual symbols come from? From the product core strategy and product concept. Packaging is the visual expression of market strategy, and condensed into a visual symbol, not imagined out of thin air and painted on the packaging.

Yunnan Kunming Kiwi Water Gift Box Packaging Design Golden String Case

Memory point is a strange thing, for example, the number is an impressive "visual symbol", easy to remember, strong sense of word-of-mouth spread, hot sales after the market, the product should convey the "golden sugar ratio", is a differentiated expression of fruit characteristics, not a concept fabricated out of thin air. Fruit packaging design also needs to grasp these marketing skills, it is also part of visual communication. Therefore, packaging design needs to convince your potential consumers to buy and promote transactions. The symbolization of the core concept not only makes people remember, but also expresses the product characteristics and attracts consumers to buy.

As the current fruit development trend, online sales will dominate. Fruit packaging design needs to be loyal to the consumer experience, but also consider the safety and integrity of transportation. high quality things are very enjoyable in the process of consumption, otherwise how can they reflect high added value? The same is true for fruit packaging, which undoubtedly plays a finishing touch to create a good consumption experience. Can also play a wave of good products and even brand advertising, the formation of word-of-mouth communication and re-purchase.

Fruit has its own functionality, which is required by healthy consumer groups. Therefore, in the packaging design of Kunming fruit, we should strive for high-grade quality, highlight status and highlight its brand value characteristics. We should consider uniqueness and practical functionality in packaging design and material selection.

Nowadays, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, fruit packaging is changing with each passing day, and the concept of fruit packaging also shows new characteristics. Fruit packaging should meet the consumption needs of modern people at different levels with diversification. Sterility, convenience, intelligence and personalization are the new fashion in the development of fruit packaging. Expanding the function of fruit packaging and strengthening the combination of e-commerce marketing, logistics and distribution with the real economy have become the development trend of fruit packaging in the new century. The packaging of this period, in addition to considering the operation of e-commerce, but also reflects the expression of healthy nature design. Good packaging can make life is no longer life, but a pursuit of health, is a kind of life attitude.