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The future trend of aluminum foil packaging bags

The rapid development of the food processing industry has greatly promoted the development of the food packaging industry. When it comes to food packaging bags, the first consideration is aluminum foil packaging bags. Because of the wide application of aluminum foil packaging bags in the food processing industry, it also affects the future trend of aluminum foil packaging bags.

The production of aluminum foil in China was in 1932, but its development was in the early 20th century, when aluminum foil, as the most expensive packaging material, was only used for high-end packaging. With the development of society, today's aluminum foil bags have become more common packaging.

The development of aluminum foil packaging bags is basically synchronized with the development of the entire industry. In the Chinese market, aluminum foil packaging bags are developing faster for two main reasons:

First, the gap between the development of China's flexible packaging market and that of developed countries is obvious. The proportion of flexible packaging for daily consumer goods and food is small. Developed countries have accounted for more than 65%, and some have exceeded 70%, while China has accounted for about 15%. The proportion has increased rapidly in the past two years;

Second, the domestic aluminum-plastic composite and aluminum-paper composite technology continues to mature, and the production cost is reduced, which promotes the popularization and application of aluminum-based composite materials in the Chinese packaging market.