Electrical insulation base film

Electrical insulation base film

Product Classification:

Electrical insulation base film

Product Model:
EL-xy surface treatment
LED-xy-sided corona treatment
Performance characteristics:
(1) the tensile strength, good toughness;
(2) high temperature cracking, aging resistance;
(3) has excellent chemical resistance, electrical insulation properties。

Typical Properties::
Project Unit Typical values Test methods
Thickness μm 25 DIN 53370
Tensile strength(MD/TD) MPa 230/240 ASTM D 882
Elongation at break(MD/TD) % 140/130 ASTM D 882
Elastic modulus(MD/TD) MPa 4400/4600 ASTM D 882
Heat shrinkage(MD/TD)150℃,30min % 1.6/0.2 ASTM D 1204
Power frequency electric strength V/μm 250 GB/T 13541-92
Relative permittivity (50Hz) —— 3.0 GB/T 13541-92
Surface resistivity Ω 3.0×1015 GB/T 13541-92
Dielectric loss factor (50Hz) —— 2.8×10-3 GB/T 13541-92

Description: MD, vertical, TD is transverse.
 Description above data is only the typical value of the test data, can not be understood as

guaranteed values​​; typical values ​​can be appropriately adjusted according to customer



Key words:

Solar base film, polyester film

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